To give a hand to those most in need. / Para dar una mano a quien más lo necesitan.

HANDS FOR AMERICAS is a nonprofit dedicated to the relief and sustainable development of the indigenous tribes of Panama, and rural areas of Honduras.

We work together with ground-based partners to identify, plan, execute and follow-up our efforts to improve the quality of life for those most in need.

  • "This experience has been wonderful, a true eye-opener."
    Candice Devora, HFA Volunteer
  • "If you are going to be with Hands for Americas, I say, absolutely, come do it."
    Preston Hill, HFA Volunteer
  • "HFA has great intentions, a good group of doctors, translators, and staff to work with. Very organized."
    Amy Yu, HFA Volunteer
  • "I think it would be great for anyone to come down and see what Panama has to offer."
    Varina Clark, HFA Volunteer

Where we serve.

Apply your skills and knowledge for the benefit of impoverished communities.
Not only will you contribute to the sustainable development of hundreds of families, but you will experience the country's culture at a whole new level.

Our Partners

  • Father Marcos
    Missionary Center and the INEISA
    (Instituto Educativo Integral S.A.)

    (Ministry of Health)

How we serve.

Our Projects and Causes:

Our Team

"Hands for Americas is the heart of a family who wants to be a channel of blessing for many people and communities in need. " – William Vallejos, Founder & Director, HFA